Tetreault Photography

About the Photographer



Artist’s Philosophy

Everything around me is alive, every corner filled with secrets to be uncovered. Nature permeates all. Through the eye of my camera, the wonders of the world reveal themselves… the everyday becomes magical, and the unusual comes to light.


I've accumulated 35 years experience as an amateur photographer, going all the way back to early work as the official yearbook photographer during my years in high school. For most of those decades I did slide and print photography, but have more recently moved on to digital photography in the last 5 years. I’ve had the opportunity to take several seminars on professional photography including technique seminars on nature, portrait, and art photography, as well as the business of photography. I am skilled at digital editing, including programs such as Photoshop and Photopaint, as well as presentation and layout software such as Illustrator, Coreldraw, Powerpoint, Publisher, and Acrobat Professional. I've gotten fairly good with a matte knife as well!

Published works

Besides photographs within some of the scientific journal articles I've authored, I have several photos published in the Earth Sciences university textbook Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology, by Tarbuck, Lutgens, Tsujita, and Hicock, both 1st and 2nd editions. I’ve also had poster-sized, non-photographic illustration work published by the world’s leading RPG game company (Wizards of the Coast LLC, Renton, Washington).

Participation in Art Shows and Exhibits (all Windsor, Ontario)

Sandwich Revival Art Festival, June 20-21, 2009 (booth)
Visual Fringe, Windsor International Fringe Festival, July 17-31, 2009 (selected works)
Doing the Louvre art exhibition, Artcite Art Gallery, December 2009 (selected works)
Smogfest Art Exhibit, (entire month of) May 2010 (selected works)
Sandwich Revival Art Festival, May 22-23, 2010 (booth)
Walkerville Art Walk, July 16-19, 2010 (booth)
Memories of Light: a solo photographic exhibition at the Arts Council of Windsor & Region's Artspeak Gallery, November 8-13, 2010
Doing the Louvre art exhibition, Arcite Art Gallery, December 2010 (selected works)


The artist at his "Memories of Light" photographic exhibition in November 2010